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Chattahoochee Valley Backing The Blue


Balls, Bears & Blankets

Providing balls, bears & blankets to law enforcement officers to keep in their vehicles, for children.
* STATUS: In The Planning Stage *


Assisting officers, who have fallen on difficult times, financially & spiritually.
* STATUS: In The Planning Stage *

Facillitation of Citizen Support

Encouraging citizen support through Auto decals, Independent Activities, Social Networking, T-Shirts & Yard Signs, as well as words of encouragement for officers.

Family Fun Day

Providing fun, food & entainment for families of law enforcement.
* STATUS: In The Planning Stage *

Feed The Force

Catoring to a randomly chosen department in the valley multiple times per year.

Potluck Meet & Greets

Holding pot luck meet & greets with heads of local law enforcement & members of Chattahoochee Valley Backing The Blue.

Pro Law Enforcement Business Directory

Maintaining a directory for The Chattahoochee Valley of businesses that welcome law enforcement, as demonstratred by their willingness to provide them with discounts or special services, or even donations to law enforcemment based charities or community service projects.

Special Projects

-Assisting local law enforcement based charities or community service projects;
-Officer recognition awards;
-Protesting negative treatment of law enforcement officers;
-Providing drinks and snacks for officers during long work times such as protests;
-Supporting Personnel Activities & Recognition.